General Collection Reading Rooms

General Collection of National Széchényi Library is available for readers in the General Collections Reading Rooms, on Floor 7 of NSZL. This collection includes books published in the territory of all-time Hungary since 1712 and abroad since 1601, the entire collection of the Library’s newspapers and journals (both in the original and microfilm formats) as well as electronic documents acquired by NSZL as legal deposit.

Following compulsory registration (See also Registering for a Reader Pass), General Collection Reading Rooms can be approached by stairs or elevators, passing, as a first station, the catalogue space and the Book Issue Station. Between the various Reading Rooms, the catalogue space and the Copying Service, you are allowed to move NSZL documents freely.

Staff on duty at the Department of Information Services will help you to use both card and online catalogues or to ask for a document from the depository. See also How to use the Library or Information services.

In addition to its tasks of a national library, National Széchényi Library also operates as a special library focusing on history and literature sciences. That explains why NSZL has separate reading rooms for literature and history sciences. NSZL’s General Collection Reading Rooms have a number of seats equipped with a computer. At such seats, our readers are provided with the possibility of using databases compiled from the stock of the Library and digitized volumes on site. Databases include, EBSCO, Press Database of MTI (Hungarian News Agency), PressDok, NAVA, etc. See also IT support.